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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dear Future Self

Dear Future Self,

I am writing to the future Avery from the present Avery. The freshman in high school, soaking up the one and only Treasure Mountain Junior High.

Today is Sunday, April 23, 2017 I am sitting in bed writing this as an Honors English assignment. This weekend was interesting to say the least. Saturday, was Earth day and I went hiking with Nicky Kraus, Brady Bauman, Greyson Scharffs, & Nick Sylvester. We went down east canyon which is this trail by our house in Jeremy Ranch. We walked for like 6 miles and went swimming in freezing water and caught the current down this river (so fun). Sunday, I hung out with Bella Criscione, now I am sure that when you read this you'll remember who she was but as a refresher... Bella is my best friend, we do everything together, travel, laugh 24/7... like today we did the Kylie Jenner lip challenge where you suck on a shot glass until your lips are numb. When you remove the shot glass your lips are huget... all that happened though was our lips and bottom of our lips were completely bruised it was nasty & hilarious. Today also sucked, 2 weeks ago mom got surgery to remove this tumor in her mouth/brain it was cancerous and she was recovering really well but today sucked especially. Dad just told me she has cancer and I can't explain how mad I am. Everyone is telling me to be this perfect person, and be their for my mom and all I want to do is run, and scream, and cry and I can't. I can't be selfish. I hope that when you read this everything is good and everyone in your life is healthy and happy.

 So... to the future Avery Lane, I hope you've begun accomplishing everything you wanted to find in life. Hopefully by now, you're at college, traveling, and have made great friends & memories. Right now my goal is to go to Michigan so hopefully that's where you are either playing soccer, or rowing for the crew team, and planning to go to vet school at UC Davis. But maybe that's not your life plan and you headed a different way. Maybe now, you're partying & experiencing lots of new things (but staying safe)

Photo Courtesy of Michigan

I hope you're living life with happiness, kindness, courage that you're laughing, loving, and exploring and making the most out of your life. I bet this will be really weird to read this when I am older looking back but I when you look back at this don't have any regrets.

To the future Avery Lane, from the present Avery Lane (14)