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Thursday, March 30, 2017


Soccer is very important to me. It has a special place in my heart for lots of reason. It reminds me of California where I grew up for 10 years and started playing it, all the different uniforms, team names, cheers, the constant scramble to find my uniform 5 minutes before I need to leave for my game. But putting that aside, I met my best friend because of soccer which is something I am very thankful, my teammates have become my family and since they're all from SLC I can tell them anything and everything without the gossip getting back to Park City. I love the rush of adrenaline I get before a game, or the butterfly's when the other team has the ball, and the crazyyy vibe my whole team feels when we score and all sprint to each other.
A lot of people think that people play sports for college scholarships, or for the exercise and that's it, but there is so much more to sports than just that. Personally, after joining Impact I realized I'm not playing soccer for the exercise or the college scholarships but because I am passionate about it, I play for my team not for me or my parents, I play to push myself, to surprise myself, I go to practice sad and leaving laughing because of my teammates.
I have played defense since I started soccer. I mean sure scoring would be rad but there is nothing I love more than having an awesome cut off and preventing a goal, or clearing the ball and opening up an amazing opportunity for my teammates. I think that all positions are important, every player is needed on the field for the team to play well.
Obviously this is the least important part of playing soccer but having a dank uniform, or cleats is rad. My club is sponsored by Adidas so are uniform is prettyyy cool. We have all black uniforms for home games, and all white for away... I mean yahh it's litty.
Something else that I really love are tournaments, my coach assigns rooms and we get to hang out all together as a team, have some crazy hotel parties, sleepovers, adventures, and memories. The most recent tournament we had was in Arizona. We stayed in this super nice hotel and it was so much fun I can't describe it.
Anyways, hope you liked my blog about soccer and what it means to me. See ya next time because you NEVER know what's going to happen in
                                                                         The Life of Avery LAME



    Bella Criscione and I coming home from some rad soccer practice in Cali. Photo Courtesy of  my mom Kara Lane


                                               My soccer team in California. Photo courtesey of my dad Tom Lane


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