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Friday, March 17, 2017


As a freshman in high school, daughter, sister, competitive athlete, and friend my life is very chaotic.

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School is particularly difficult for me, especially managing my social life and school work. I really enjoy hanging out with my friends on Friday and over the weekend but sometimes I have to choose school over friends... like today. I decided to procrastinate on my blog therefore I had to come home early from hanging out to complete this blog... now see this could all be different if I had done it on Thursday or earlier in the week but no I didn't so I'm sitting in my bed at 8:30 pm alone doing homework. But at least I'm doing my assignment! :/ Another thing I'm sucking at this year is math. No matter how hard I try, or how many early morning math labs I go to... things are just not working and I have no clue why. And it stinks.

Sports are amazing. I love them because I am able to forget about everything going on and just put my head down and focus. Soccer is able to do that for me, when I go to practice for those 2 hours I am able to forget about everything and not have a worry or care in my life which is hard to do. My thoughts on sports in general is they are just over all good for your mind and body. You are able to work you body, but also develop character, work ethic, and can let your mind be free. The past few months my soccer team has been indoors which has sucked but we started practice outdoors this week and I am so happy about it. When we practice outdoors their is this whole other element that I just love. Soccer is so good right now.

Summer... needs to come faster! I can't wait for summer there is no school, no homework, you get to sleep in, more soccer, more time to hang with friends, travel, get tan, eat popsicle's it the bomb. This summer is going to be the best ever! I think I am going to Hawaii, Mexico, and California for like 6 weeks! I love the warm weather because I used to live in California and by the beach which is my favorite place ever.

I know this was a short blog post, and didn't have a lot of meaning to it but I hope you enjoyed my mini rant, love for soccer and excitement for summer! catcha latter alligator!! xoxo Avery LAME

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  1. I really like the catchy endings to your blogs!