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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Summa Plans

 I can't wait for this summer. I am definitely hoping Summa 2k17 will be the best one yet. For this blog I am mainly going to be writing about the things I would like to accomplish this summer... or Seventeen has this dope bucket list that has me thinking.

Traveling - This summer besides going to places for soccer tournaments I want to go to Maui, Tahiti, California and the Florida Keys. Trust me, I am 100% aware that all of this is NOT going to happen but hey dream big. First of all, I have been to Maui 3 times and I am in love with it, the water, sun, sand, snorkeling, hikes, views, surfing, scuba diving, turtles fishies absolutely everything. I want to go back there so bad this summer. Secondly, Tahiti seems to be one of the most amazing places ever. If my family went there over the summer we would stay in the bungalows that stand over the most amazing and clear water filled with fish, stingrays, white tip reef sharks which is so cool! I think that would be my top choice. Of course my fam will go to Cali this summer because we always do that for 4-6 weeks since we used to live there. It is so much fun hanging out with my old friends, and family friends hanging out at the beach a such!

                                                          Image courtesy of Footage
                                                          Image courtesy of Tahiti Resorts

Another thing I want to do this summer is camp,  go on adventures with my friends, and learn to play the ukulele. Camping is honestly so much fun I love sleeping in tents, and making s'mores, or fishing it is all so much fun to me. Secondly, hanging with my friends is such a blast because they are all such crazy, exciting people that YOLO it . I can't wait to see what the world has for us to discover! My last summer goal is to learn how to play the ukulele so when I go camping, travel, and go adventures I can bring it and all my friends and I can jam out and sing and have tons of fun.

See you ASAP rocky in my next blog. Hopefully this summa will be lit as frick but you never know because it's the life of...
                                            AVERY LAME

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