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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Summa Plans

 I can't wait for this summer. I am definitely hoping Summa 2k17 will be the best one yet. For this blog I am mainly going to be writing about the things I would like to accomplish this summer... or Seventeen has this dope bucket list that has me thinking.

Traveling - This summer besides going to places for soccer tournaments I want to go to Maui, Tahiti, California and the Florida Keys. Trust me, I am 100% aware that all of this is NOT going to happen but hey dream big. First of all, I have been to Maui 3 times and I am in love with it, the water, sun, sand, snorkeling, hikes, views, surfing, scuba diving, turtles fishies absolutely everything. I want to go back there so bad this summer. Secondly, Tahiti seems to be one of the most amazing places ever. If my family went there over the summer we would stay in the bungalows that stand over the most amazing and clear water filled with fish, stingrays, white tip reef sharks which is so cool! I think that would be my top choice. Of course my fam will go to Cali this summer because we always do that for 4-6 weeks since we used to live there. It is so much fun hanging out with my old friends, and family friends hanging out at the beach a such!

                                                          Image courtesy of Footage
                                                          Image courtesy of Tahiti Resorts

Another thing I want to do this summer is camp,  go on adventures with my friends, and learn to play the ukulele. Camping is honestly so much fun I love sleeping in tents, and making s'mores, or fishing it is all so much fun to me. Secondly, hanging with my friends is such a blast because they are all such crazy, exciting people that YOLO it . I can't wait to see what the world has for us to discover! My last summer goal is to learn how to play the ukulele so when I go camping, travel, and go adventures I can bring it and all my friends and I can jam out and sing and have tons of fun.

See you ASAP rocky in my next blog. Hopefully this summa will be lit as frick but you never know because it's the life of...
                                            AVERY LAME

Friday, February 10, 2017


 Image courtesy of Inner Expansion Blog

My favorite thing to do in the world is travel. I don't get to travel lots & lots but when I can I love it. I love being able to fly on airplanes, airports, trying new things, exploring, being sooo spontaneous and going with the flow. I always love looking at traveling blogs, or pictures like View from the Wing. My mom has always loved traveling and trying new things which is why I think I love traveling so much. There have been two vacations I have gone on that I still remember to this day for being so amazing, and fun.
The first vacation, my family and I went to Tofino, and Toronto Canada. Tofino is a small surf town in Canada. They have the prettiest views, best fish tacos, gnarly surfing, beautiful weather, and the friendliest people ever! We were in Tofino for 3 days and stayed in these two room wood huts directly on the beach. My family and I would wake up every morning to take walks on the beach and get fresh fruit, or yummy breakfast. My favorite day was when we woke up early and played soccer on the beach, then we rented kayaks and paddle boards. We took the kayaks and paddle boards to the beach and for like 3 hours we had so much fun just hanging around swimming and having fun!! We then got fish tacos at THE BEST fish taco place ever... we ate there for lunch all three days! Then we headed back mainland and chilled in Toronto for 2 days. My dad has a really good friend that lives there so we stayed at one of the apartments he owns. We shopped, and explored the city! This is truly one of my best memories, and vacations ever.
The other vacation I will remember forever and ever is our family trip to Costa Rica last summer. It was sooo gorgeous, fun, interesting, and there were SO many fun and new thing to try and do. We rented a condo in this really nice area that had a private beach, but it was kinda of bummy so it didn't have that tourist vibe which was nice. We went snorkeling, jet skiing, paddle boarding, surfing, zip lining and just having fun being your super average tourists! I think my favorite part of the trip was jet skiing with my sisters. We all shared one and it was so much fun, and the jet ski was so much faster than I had anticipated so I let my sister who was eight drive and it was literally so sketch but so fun! One thing that I did not appreciate though was swimming through a bunch of jelly fish and being stung like 5 times. BTW it does not hurt at all it like stings for sure, but tickles in a super weird way but they put vinegar on my hand, arm, calf, thigh, and like  half my ass so it was good.  Anywho, that was an insane trip we were there for 2 weeks and I wish I could go back because it was that amazing!
                                  Peace out,
                                              Avery LAME

Friday, February 3, 2017

February Break!

Image courtesy of Gymfest

February break is coming round the corner and I couldn't be happier! Most people refer to February break as Ski week but skiing is definitely NOT what I am doing this break. Instead of cold, icy weather I'm dippin' out of PC and heading to Arizona and Mexico!! I am traveling to Arizona with my soccer team for a college showcase, and Mexico with my friends.

Arizona: A hot desert with no water, scorpions, orange rocks, dead grass, and lots of sun... who would ever want to hold a National soccer showcase there? Well... that's where I am going for part of break. Every year Del Sol, AZ holds a national showcase with over 413 teams and 270 college coaches from all over the United States. You must apply to the tournament, and if you reach their "standards" you have the chance of getting accepted... and my team got accepted! This is going to be such a cool experience because there will be lots college coaches like from Stanford, Vanderbilt, UC Davis, North Western and many more. I get really nervous before tournaments but I have never been to a real showcase with teams from all over the nation, and coaches from everywhere so I'm wayyy nervous. Something else, I am super excited for is rooming with my teammates, my coach assigned us rooms of 4 and I got a hella good room with a girl from SLC, Mckinna Lee, and Kate Young... they're really chill Sophomores and am sooo stoked. Anywhooo, that is basically the summary of my trip to Arizona, my roommates, the nervousness I am experiencing... but after AZ I'm dippin' out of the country and heading to...

 Mexico!! I am traveling to Mexico with Grace Dalton, and Bella Criscione. We are going to Punta Mita which is a small surf town by Puerto Vallarta and it is going to be sooo fun I can't even put it into words. We leave for Mexico at 6am Monday the 20th and take a quick pit stop in LA then fly to Mexico. Although I am way stoked for Mexico tbh I am low key nervous, the last 2 times I have been to Mexico I have gotten way sick so I really don't want that to happen. But don't worry, I have a plan it involves... quesadillas, and bottled soda and water that way there is not as large of a possibility of me getting sick... i hope :/ But that is way besides the point.  In Mexico we are going to surf, tan, jet ski, boat, fish, snorkel and it is going to be so fun I can't wait!!

In conclusion,  February break is going to be AMAZING and I can't wait... Catcha' later alligator!
                                                                                                                                Avery LAME