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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Why I Blog

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As stated in my previous blog post, blogging serves different purposes to everyone. Whether you're trying to live a more intentional life, or share your thoughts to the public. However, all blogs are your own pieces of raw material about your thoughts, travels, life ect. They will receive criticism, make you question your purpose of blogging, and at points make you want to stop.

In the article Why I Blog by Andrew Sullivan the blogger shares his journey though the world of blogging and how it changed his life. He began writing his blog in 2000, where he wrote columns, recommended books, or movies but then realized the diversity of blogging and that he could write his own stories and share them. As his blogging career progressed Sullivan began receiving comments as any public work would. Many were brutal hate comments towards his posts, as he states he received more criticism than any editor he had every worked with. Although a main part of the blogging world is talking about the hate comments, and the difficulties of figuring out what to write Andrew went more in depth about what blogging is truly about.

Blogging is a piece of your own work, there are no editors to change your story or tell you what to say in order to make more readers like you. Blogging is purely your own raw material shared on the internet where a frequent reader, or person who randomly stumbles on your work can read and comment. When reading this article, I found this to be extremely relative to my current feelings of blogging, every time I am thinking of my next post I wonder what people will think, are my fellow classmates going to judge me, and my writing skills? And when Sullivan speaks about the fact that your blog is your own, and that anyone can see it, I feel like at ease with my blog. I can and will post what I want, and say what is on my mind, or share my crazy adventures through the eyes of a teenage girl, I mean after all I am Avery LAME!!

To conclude this post, Why I Blog was an extremely long and draining article to read but I came out of it with more insight, and confidence then when I first started which is something I think anyone can take out of blogging. Andrew Sullivan's blog history, I found to be personally empowering. I became more aware of the facts about blogging and the negative feedback you will receive but the positive life changing aspects you will gain. Overall, I think this was a great article that anyone can relate too. It was interesting to learn about this mans views on blogging and his personal story that made me aware of hate but also the "gainz' you earn from the blog life. Lastly, I am almost excited to start writing my blogs I mean ha bring on the hate.... anywho, in the mean time keep up with my weekly/monthy/yearly blogs because who knows what will happen in The Life of Avery LAME.

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