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Thursday, December 15, 2016

'Tis the Season & Snow!

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T minus 1 day until Winter Break... & T minus 9 days until Christmas...

Personally I think the Holidays are the best time of year. Think about it. You get two weeks off of school, you can watch Netflix, go skiing/sledding, eat junk food and have lots of fun with your friends & fam.

Over winter break my family will hopefully (if all goes well) make our flight to California, successfully have 11 guests staying at our house (not including my fam), complete Christmas, and make/clean up food & sure that might not sound like a lot but... it's The Life of Avery LAME so you never know until you know.

To kick things off, this Saturday my family is flying to Lake Tahoe to spend 4 days with my grandparents & cousins that live in Sacramento. For the past 6-7 years we've all celebrating Christmas up there as one big happy family, but this year we decided to change things up and spend Christmas all at our own homes. For real though, I am actually so stoked to see my cousins & grandparents they're the funniest kids out there and because I am the oldest I get to boss them around and make them bring me cookies :)... jk... not really. While we are up there we have a few traditions that we've done since I can remember...
                                 1. Bake/Decorate sugar cookies while my grandma frantically yells at all of us
                                 2. Decorate the Christmas tree & hang our stockings
                                 3. Go do something fun outdoors... sledding
 Once we get back from California my Aunt, Uncle & other grandpa arrive who are staying for Christmas. I really love it when they come because my aunt will take me shopping & do girly things with me that I love love love :) Then after Christmas, they fly out of town and our family friends come in from Newport Beach and are spending 4 days with us. We will probz go skiing, sledding, eat food, watch movies, and chill... which I'm pumped for!

To end this blog post, I want to say that all Holidays are great! I love winter break because of the time I get to spend with my family, and friends! It really makes me appreciate the love & happiness I have in my life, and I feel that many people forget that during Christmas when there are piles of presents on the floor. I hope that everyone reading this has a very happy happy holiday & new year!!
                                                                                   xoxo Avery LAME

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