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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pressed Fall Leaf Artwork

As the fall season starts kicking into gear one of the most noticeable changes are the leaves. As aspen trees turn to beautiful florescent colors such as red, yellow and orange this easy fun fall craft will let you bring those colors back to your home! To begin you will need:

  • 2 square/rectangle pieces of glass (your preference on size, and shape) 
  • Linen book cloth tape, duck tape, or fabric glued on to the glass (I used linen book cloth tape for a nicer finish but all these choices will look great)
  • Different assortment of leaves, you can find natural leaves or buy artificial.  

Where I got my items:

 To begin, lay one piece of glass down and place your leaf in the center, then carefully place the second sheet of glass over your leaf. Be careful when placing your glass down because if your glass is off center you will need to move it and it can cause the leaf to move, and eventually dirty the glass. After both glass sheets are even take your border of choice (mine was linen book cloth tape) and carefully place strips around each side. When doing this I suggest doing each side in separate sections to achieve a better finish.

Over all, I personally thought this was a great DIY to get into the fun fall spirit! Although not all items used are easy to access at home you can find all these things with one quick trip to Michael's, Walmart etc. I had a super fun time creating this DIY. I thought it was simple yet chic and was not one of those DIY's where they had a professional do it and your final product did not look anything like that. My final product and Better Homes and Better Gardens looked very similar.

I hope you try this craft and send me pictures if you re-create it! Peace out DIYers!
                                                                                                      xoxo AverDIY  ✂️

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