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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Life Goals

I'm done with DIY's.

If you didn't know, my blog was originally about Do It Yourself crafts (DIY's), but being Avery LAME this idea turned my blog into one LAME ass blog. So, I changed it to daily adventures/experiences that I encounter in my life, it might be about soccer, my family, boys, school, food I mean I'm a freshman in high school I have a kabillion things going on in my head so one week I might have some soccer problems... next week I'm on a "I'm failing school, and I'm not going to a good college anymore rant." Just throwing you a heads up. Now, even though this blog is supposed to be about my LAME life I still try to set goals and standards for myself so that this won't be a total disaster (or that's what I have to tell myself. ) To kick my list of goals off, I am on a P2 soccer team, and we are 8th in the state,  I play right back which is part of the defensive line. My soccer team is amazing, and the girls I play with are some of my closest friends.  However, this year the National Soccer Association changed how teams were arranged,  they used to be made up by school year and now it's birth year,  and most of my team are young 01's which means we will be playing HUGE 15-16 year old girls. Therefore, my goal for myself and soccer team this year is to become stronger, faster and have better footwork for us to move up to P1 and possibly win state. I personally think that the way I will achieve my goal for myself and team is by working extra hard, and hitting the gym to get some more muscle! Another thing I would like to accomplish is redecorating my room. I haven't changed it since I moved here which was 3 years ago!! The first thing I would like to do, is paint my room a baby blueish/grayish color and get a new bed frame, a glass desk because they're super cool, and a furry white chair. I think I would like to get this project done over winter break since I will be home. My last personal goal I would like to achieve, is to travel to Mexico and not get sick. I know this sounds like a super dumb goal but to be honest it is completely true. Why? Let me tell you. I've been to Mexico twice in my life, the first time I got Norovirus and was stuck in my room for a week. The second time, I was in Sayulita, and I ate meat there because I wasn't thinking... so I ended up with food poising for basically my whole trip. This goal applies to my life because over April break my family is headed back to the same resort where I got Norovirus and my goal is to not get food poising, or Norovirus and in general not sick at all. And I have a plan... eat quesadillas the whole dang time. After writing those goals, I don't currently have any more at the moment but I'm sure they will come at some point... in the mean time keep up with my weekly/monthy/yearly blogs because who knows what will happen in The Life of Avery LAME.
  Blogging serves many purposes for people. Personally, it is a way for me to share my thoughts to the outside world.  An aspect of blogging, I would like to obtain is that when writing about my life, it will inspire me to live a more intentional life.  This is a goal for me because I feel that being a high school student, and a competitive athlete I don't live my life to the fullest. My schedule from Monday to Thursday consists of school, soccer, running, and the gym. On Fridays I hangout with my friends as well as Saturday, and on Sundays I do homework. I hope to achieve this goal because my blog is about my life, and will help me open up my eyes to new things to try and adventures to go on.  

   A picture of my soccer team in St. George before the championship game! Courtesy of Jen Garriot

A picture of Bella Criscione and I in Sayulita, Mexico literally 5 hours before I got food poisoning. Courtesy of Vincent Criscione 

Slime DIY

                                                Galaxy Slime courtesy of  TWODALOO Blogs

DIY slime has become the new social media trend! I've had pictures, and videos filling my Instagram feed and all I can wonder is how people are making it! After testing multiple recipes, and methods I finally found a fast, simple and easy recipe that will have you becoming a bomb slimer in no time! To begin, you will need:

  • Borax
  • Water
  • Elmer's Glue
  • Food Coloring (optional) 
  • Two Bowls 
  • Spoons

 To begin, start by adding 1 tsp of borax to one cup water, stir until borax is dissolved ( your water should be a murky white color ) and put aside. Next, add all your glue into a bowl and mix in 1/2 cup water and add food coloring if you'd like.  After all contents are mixed thoroughly and there is a consistent mixture, slowly add the water/borax in 1/4 cup at a time. You should begin to notice the glue clump together, and as you ad more water/borax your glue will become slime. If you notice that your slime is still wet and sticky DO NOT ADD MORE WATER/BORAX, continue to knead your slime until it receives the texture you prefer!

Over all, I was very pleased with how my slime turned out, it was squishy, slimy, and was really fun to poke at! I personally think this is a great DIY for for little kids, teenagers, and even adults! Some people, are even creating businesses selling their slime online! Again, I would highly recommend this DIY because it's easy, fun, and doesn't cause a big mess!

I hope you try this craft and send me pictures if you make some SLIME!!! Peace out DIYers!

                                                                                                        xoxo AverDIY ✂️

Pressed Fall Leaf Artwork

As the fall season starts kicking into gear one of the most noticeable changes are the leaves. As aspen trees turn to beautiful florescent colors such as red, yellow and orange this easy fun fall craft will let you bring those colors back to your home! To begin you will need:

  • 2 square/rectangle pieces of glass (your preference on size, and shape) 
  • Linen book cloth tape, duck tape, or fabric glued on to the glass (I used linen book cloth tape for a nicer finish but all these choices will look great)
  • Different assortment of leaves, you can find natural leaves or buy artificial.  

Where I got my items:

 To begin, lay one piece of glass down and place your leaf in the center, then carefully place the second sheet of glass over your leaf. Be careful when placing your glass down because if your glass is off center you will need to move it and it can cause the leaf to move, and eventually dirty the glass. After both glass sheets are even take your border of choice (mine was linen book cloth tape) and carefully place strips around each side. When doing this I suggest doing each side in separate sections to achieve a better finish.

Over all, I personally thought this was a great DIY to get into the fun fall spirit! Although not all items used are easy to access at home you can find all these things with one quick trip to Michael's, Walmart etc. I had a super fun time creating this DIY. I thought it was simple yet chic and was not one of those DIY's where they had a professional do it and your final product did not look anything like that. My final product and Better Homes and Better Gardens looked very similar.

I hope you try this craft and send me pictures if you re-create it! Peace out DIYers!
                                                                                                      xoxo AverDIY  ✂️