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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dear Avery, Please be Extraordinary

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Dear Avery, Please be Extraordinary.

I am not writing this blog post because I am extraordinary I am far from that. But being extraordinary to me is not being Kim Kardashian or discovering the cure to cancer or being on the US Women's National Team. To me extraordinary means being confident in myself that I will stand up for others, I will be kind to everyone and accept everyone and everything. To be filled with so much love and happiness to be a role model to my sisters and children, to be my future husbands best friend. I want to live with no regrets or fear.

 I think that being extraordinary is very different to everyone but to me it means having a huge heart filled with love and kindness and to appreciate what you have and to be there for everyone I care about. Doing extraordinary things like curing cancer is probably one of the most extraordinary things you can do but I know for a fact that I am not going to be that person. So being extraordinary to me is about being that best person I can be. I know that this is not unique but I truly mean that.

In the future, when I am in high school I want to be an extraordinary best friend I can be to Bella Criscione because I haven't been this past year. I have made so many mistakes with boys that have gotten between us that it makes my stomach hurt and I want to cry and listen to sad music. So to make up for this year I want to go back to being there for her 24/7. Whether she is sad or happy. Seeing her in pain makes me feel pain. I want to keep her safe and drive her home when she is not okay or needs help. She is my best friend and she is extraordinary. She is the moodiest person I have ever met and can trigger me but she is an amazing soccer player that sucks it up and plays for a team she hates which continues to amaze me. I love her and shefills me with so much happiness and I want to be an extraordinary best friend to her.

To my sisters,  I want to be an extraordinary role model to them and whenever they are in trouble or are unsafe I want to be there for them. With boys or school or parties and drinking I will be there for them no matter what. They are the most purest, and happiest people and I love them so much I can not put it into words.

In my way future when I get married and have children. I want to be an extraordinary wife and mother. I want to marry my best friend and travel with them and do crazy things. And then teach my kids to be kind, and make good decisions, love and forgive to work hard in school and sports and to be passionate about whatever is important to them in their life.

So Avery, please be extraordinary by doing these things. You don't have to change the world to be extraordinary you just have to be the best person you can be to all the important people in your life.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Good Times in the Good Ol' Dayz

For this blog post, I'm going to throw it way back to the good ol' days. The days where school wasn't my main priority, when I could watch a whole movie without checking my phone, and running around outside basically the whole flippin day (with no shoes).

Now back when I was a child I was extremely clumsy, and I'm not saying I'm not clumsy anymore because I very much am... but the point is when I was younger I was the clumsiest of clumsy. Back in fourth grade when I lived in California  I played rec soccer. We were called the "Angry Birds" and had hella fresh red uniforms. At practice one day I was grabbing my soccer ball from the goal and when I turned around I began waving to one of my friends just arriving at practice. As I was waving a girl on my team nailed a ball into my hand and broke my wrist. Like holy s**t that hurt like a b**ch. The next day, my mother took me to the doctor where I got a neon pink cast wrapped from my thumb to my forearm. And back then having a cast was like the coolest thing ever - I had people signing it and I felt so cool it was amazing. So this is the background story to The Time I Peed on a Fence.

My cast image courtesy of my mother, Kara Lane

One evening my family had invited two or three families from our neighborhood to come over, eat dinner, and spend the evening together. These families were the people I had grown up with, basically my brothers and sisters. That evening while the parents were making dinner in the kitchen all the kids were outside kicking a soccer ball around... and I kicked it over the fence into this giant hill of leaves and trees full of snails and ewey things like that... and the rule we had is if you kick it you get it. So there I was crippled in a cast attempting to climb over the fence. And let me add the fence we had looked like a bunch of posts with these funky squares on the top. I get to the top of the fence and I am literally straddling the fence and my casts gets jammed in one of the squares.

I'm dying laughing and yelling for help and Lola P one of the moms comes out and we are both laughing so insanely hard and all of a sudden I realized I have to pee. So there I am - stuck on a fence, laughing and trying not to pee. I yelled "I HAVE TO PEE" and then all of sudden I start peeing. By then everyone was outside laughing and I'm just sitting there peeing, I couldn't stop. Lola was laughing I was laughing it was so funny. At the end of the night all the kids and I wrapped the two fence posts with caution tape and those two posts were never touched again.

The reason I told this childhood story for my blog was because it is one of the best memories I have as a child. It reminds me of how happy I was and how happy my family and friends were. It also makes me thankful for all the people in my life and how close I am to them and all my friends from California and how I had the best childhood ever. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dear Future Self

Dear Future Self,

I am writing to the future Avery from the present Avery. The freshman in high school, soaking up the one and only Treasure Mountain Junior High.

Today is Sunday, April 23, 2017 I am sitting in bed writing this as an Honors English assignment. This weekend was interesting to say the least. Saturday, was Earth day and I went hiking with Nicky Kraus, Brady Bauman, Greyson Scharffs, & Nick Sylvester. We went down east canyon which is this trail by our house in Jeremy Ranch. We walked for like 6 miles and went swimming in freezing water and caught the current down this river (so fun). Sunday, I hung out with Bella Criscione, now I am sure that when you read this you'll remember who she was but as a refresher... Bella is my best friend, we do everything together, travel, laugh 24/7... like today we did the Kylie Jenner lip challenge where you suck on a shot glass until your lips are numb. When you remove the shot glass your lips are huget... all that happened though was our lips and bottom of our lips were completely bruised it was nasty & hilarious. Today also sucked, 2 weeks ago mom got surgery to remove this tumor in her mouth/brain it was cancerous and she was recovering really well but today sucked especially. Dad just told me she has cancer and I can't explain how mad I am. Everyone is telling me to be this perfect person, and be their for my mom and all I want to do is run, and scream, and cry and I can't. I can't be selfish. I hope that when you read this everything is good and everyone in your life is healthy and happy.

 So... to the future Avery Lane, I hope you've begun accomplishing everything you wanted to find in life. Hopefully by now, you're at college, traveling, and have made great friends & memories. Right now my goal is to go to Michigan so hopefully that's where you are either playing soccer, or rowing for the crew team, and planning to go to vet school at UC Davis. But maybe that's not your life plan and you headed a different way. Maybe now, you're partying & experiencing lots of new things (but staying safe)

Photo Courtesy of Michigan

I hope you're living life with happiness, kindness, courage that you're laughing, loving, and exploring and making the most out of your life. I bet this will be really weird to read this when I am older looking back but I when you look back at this don't have any regrets.

To the future Avery Lane, from the present Avery Lane (14)

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Soccer is very important to me. It has a special place in my heart for lots of reason. It reminds me of California where I grew up for 10 years and started playing it, all the different uniforms, team names, cheers, the constant scramble to find my uniform 5 minutes before I need to leave for my game. But putting that aside, I met my best friend because of soccer which is something I am very thankful, my teammates have become my family and since they're all from SLC I can tell them anything and everything without the gossip getting back to Park City. I love the rush of adrenaline I get before a game, or the butterfly's when the other team has the ball, and the crazyyy vibe my whole team feels when we score and all sprint to each other.
A lot of people think that people play sports for college scholarships, or for the exercise and that's it, but there is so much more to sports than just that. Personally, after joining Impact I realized I'm not playing soccer for the exercise or the college scholarships but because I am passionate about it, I play for my team not for me or my parents, I play to push myself, to surprise myself, I go to practice sad and leaving laughing because of my teammates.
I have played defense since I started soccer. I mean sure scoring would be rad but there is nothing I love more than having an awesome cut off and preventing a goal, or clearing the ball and opening up an amazing opportunity for my teammates. I think that all positions are important, every player is needed on the field for the team to play well.
Obviously this is the least important part of playing soccer but having a dank uniform, or cleats is rad. My club is sponsored by Adidas so are uniform is prettyyy cool. We have all black uniforms for home games, and all white for away... I mean yahh it's litty.
Something else that I really love are tournaments, my coach assigns rooms and we get to hang out all together as a team, have some crazy hotel parties, sleepovers, adventures, and memories. The most recent tournament we had was in Arizona. We stayed in this super nice hotel and it was so much fun I can't describe it.
Anyways, hope you liked my blog about soccer and what it means to me. See ya next time because you NEVER know what's going to happen in
                                                                         The Life of Avery LAME



    Bella Criscione and I coming home from some rad soccer practice in Cali. Photo Courtesy of  my mom Kara Lane


                                               My soccer team in California. Photo courtesey of my dad Tom Lane

Friday, March 17, 2017


As a freshman in high school, daughter, sister, competitive athlete, and friend my life is very chaotic.

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Image Courtesy of Soccer

School is particularly difficult for me, especially managing my social life and school work. I really enjoy hanging out with my friends on Friday and over the weekend but sometimes I have to choose school over friends... like today. I decided to procrastinate on my blog therefore I had to come home early from hanging out to complete this blog... now see this could all be different if I had done it on Thursday or earlier in the week but no I didn't so I'm sitting in my bed at 8:30 pm alone doing homework. But at least I'm doing my assignment! :/ Another thing I'm sucking at this year is math. No matter how hard I try, or how many early morning math labs I go to... things are just not working and I have no clue why. And it stinks.

Sports are amazing. I love them because I am able to forget about everything going on and just put my head down and focus. Soccer is able to do that for me, when I go to practice for those 2 hours I am able to forget about everything and not have a worry or care in my life which is hard to do. My thoughts on sports in general is they are just over all good for your mind and body. You are able to work you body, but also develop character, work ethic, and can let your mind be free. The past few months my soccer team has been indoors which has sucked but we started practice outdoors this week and I am so happy about it. When we practice outdoors their is this whole other element that I just love. Soccer is so good right now.

Summer... needs to come faster! I can't wait for summer there is no school, no homework, you get to sleep in, more soccer, more time to hang with friends, travel, get tan, eat popsicle's it the bomb. This summer is going to be the best ever! I think I am going to Hawaii, Mexico, and California for like 6 weeks! I love the warm weather because I used to live in California and by the beach which is my favorite place ever.

I know this was a short blog post, and didn't have a lot of meaning to it but I hope you enjoyed my mini rant, love for soccer and excitement for summer! catcha latter alligator!! xoxo Avery LAME

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Summa Plans

 I can't wait for this summer. I am definitely hoping Summa 2k17 will be the best one yet. For this blog I am mainly going to be writing about the things I would like to accomplish this summer... or Seventeen has this dope bucket list that has me thinking.

Traveling - This summer besides going to places for soccer tournaments I want to go to Maui, Tahiti, California and the Florida Keys. Trust me, I am 100% aware that all of this is NOT going to happen but hey dream big. First of all, I have been to Maui 3 times and I am in love with it, the water, sun, sand, snorkeling, hikes, views, surfing, scuba diving, turtles fishies absolutely everything. I want to go back there so bad this summer. Secondly, Tahiti seems to be one of the most amazing places ever. If my family went there over the summer we would stay in the bungalows that stand over the most amazing and clear water filled with fish, stingrays, white tip reef sharks which is so cool! I think that would be my top choice. Of course my fam will go to Cali this summer because we always do that for 4-6 weeks since we used to live there. It is so much fun hanging out with my old friends, and family friends hanging out at the beach a such!

                                                          Image courtesy of Footage
                                                          Image courtesy of Tahiti Resorts

Another thing I want to do this summer is camp,  go on adventures with my friends, and learn to play the ukulele. Camping is honestly so much fun I love sleeping in tents, and making s'mores, or fishing it is all so much fun to me. Secondly, hanging with my friends is such a blast because they are all such crazy, exciting people that YOLO it . I can't wait to see what the world has for us to discover! My last summer goal is to learn how to play the ukulele so when I go camping, travel, and go adventures I can bring it and all my friends and I can jam out and sing and have tons of fun.

See you ASAP rocky in my next blog. Hopefully this summa will be lit as frick but you never know because it's the life of...
                                            AVERY LAME

Friday, February 10, 2017


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My favorite thing to do in the world is travel. I don't get to travel lots & lots but when I can I love it. I love being able to fly on airplanes, airports, trying new things, exploring, being sooo spontaneous and going with the flow. I always love looking at traveling blogs, or pictures like View from the Wing. My mom has always loved traveling and trying new things which is why I think I love traveling so much. There have been two vacations I have gone on that I still remember to this day for being so amazing, and fun.
The first vacation, my family and I went to Tofino, and Toronto Canada. Tofino is a small surf town in Canada. They have the prettiest views, best fish tacos, gnarly surfing, beautiful weather, and the friendliest people ever! We were in Tofino for 3 days and stayed in these two room wood huts directly on the beach. My family and I would wake up every morning to take walks on the beach and get fresh fruit, or yummy breakfast. My favorite day was when we woke up early and played soccer on the beach, then we rented kayaks and paddle boards. We took the kayaks and paddle boards to the beach and for like 3 hours we had so much fun just hanging around swimming and having fun!! We then got fish tacos at THE BEST fish taco place ever... we ate there for lunch all three days! Then we headed back mainland and chilled in Toronto for 2 days. My dad has a really good friend that lives there so we stayed at one of the apartments he owns. We shopped, and explored the city! This is truly one of my best memories, and vacations ever.
The other vacation I will remember forever and ever is our family trip to Costa Rica last summer. It was sooo gorgeous, fun, interesting, and there were SO many fun and new thing to try and do. We rented a condo in this really nice area that had a private beach, but it was kinda of bummy so it didn't have that tourist vibe which was nice. We went snorkeling, jet skiing, paddle boarding, surfing, zip lining and just having fun being your super average tourists! I think my favorite part of the trip was jet skiing with my sisters. We all shared one and it was so much fun, and the jet ski was so much faster than I had anticipated so I let my sister who was eight drive and it was literally so sketch but so fun! One thing that I did not appreciate though was swimming through a bunch of jelly fish and being stung like 5 times. BTW it does not hurt at all it like stings for sure, but tickles in a super weird way but they put vinegar on my hand, arm, calf, thigh, and like  half my ass so it was good.  Anywho, that was an insane trip we were there for 2 weeks and I wish I could go back because it was that amazing!
                                  Peace out,
                                              Avery LAME